As the summer passes by, we, despite all the difficulties, have released split-mini-album “Inner Spaces”. The album is full of slightly melancholic, dreamy light themes and … mandatory to listen

An unreleased track Flesh inspired by videogame Parasite in City (don’t google it) has been featured on Video Game Music Dedication Vol.I compilation. That’s cool! Take a listen!

A long-awaited release of EP. These songs were waiting for 10 years from the birth of Milord Rone, a band which they were composed in. And it’s been 10 years since Milord Rone’s birth. I’d drink some beer for that, but need to repair my liver.

2015-01-29 01:16:00 `degrade` released!

A long-awaited hour has come. We a re ready to present our brand-new album - `degrade`

Album cover is made again by WildWildFox. Thanks, bro!

P.S. You can also find `degrade` at iTunes, Google Play and Loudr, as well as at Amazon

We did it! After eleven years of collecting dust on my HDDs and waiting for my hands to come and finish it, this mini-album, Outskirts of the World, has been released.

Album cover is made by WildWildFox.

2014-09-22 15:06:00 Everlasting Metalstep

Many tracks were recorded during Everlasting Summer development. This one claimed to become an opening, but failed. In the end it collected dust foa year and half before I found power to finish and release it. All with the help of Agneta Mogilyova (at the moment of recording - Grechuhina), that’s her voice singing.

2013-12-21 was the day a visual novel “Everlasting Summer” (“Бесконечное Лето”) has been released. Between August and December made a Dark Side of the OST, and the Bright Side was made by Silent Owl (Sergey Eybog):

Artwork for both sides was made by ArseniXC.