Visual novel “Everlasting Summer”

Main character of the game is a lonesome young man Semyon. He spends most of his time in the Internet at anonymous image boards. Once upon a winter day Semyon sets his way to a meeting of graduates, gets on a bus number 410, where he falls asleep and wakes up before the gates of the pioneer camp Sovyonok, filled with pioneers. Seven unforgettable days are waiting for him, the outcome of which depends on player’s decisions

Development started in the beginning of 2008. I have found myself in the project in December of the same year. Almost half of the tracks have been recorded in first months, other – later. During the development I have changed several methodologies of recording and mixing and even DAW, so shotrly before the release I have had pretty hard times. This is one of the reasons why I don’t particularly like how those tracks sound. So I spent a couple of weeks in 2016 to reproduce some of them.

2016 versions of some tracks:

OST - Dark Side:

– Mikhael